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Our abayas are designed for the Muslim women who demands Islamic Clothing that radiates class, sophistication and comfort.  Although our company's names is the "Elegance of Black" we offer you the latest fashionable abayas  and jilbabs in a variety of colors. 

Take a look at some of the classic designs like farasha or butterfly abayas.  Our Elegant abayas and Jilbabs are manufactured with nothing but the finest materials from the super buttery soft Japanese crepe, polished satin finishing,  handcrafted embroideries, hand sewn beaded work.  We have the trendy styles and flavors from Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi, Morocco, Jordan, Yemeni and Egypt.  Buy your abayas and Jilbabs online today!


We look forward to being your new source for high quality Islamic Clothing today and if not, Inshaa Allah in the near future. 


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